Strategic Assets

Strategic Assets



Locomotives and Rail Movers


Each of our terminals is equiped with either a locomotive or rail mover and depending on volume, sometimes both. 

We strongly believe part of our operational success is tied to controling inputs and outputs to our core operations.  Our high capacity packaging lines require just in time rail movements with dedicated rail crews.  These assets also allow for a more customer focused demand schedule.  Many of our terminals are FRA certified and the others operate with the same safety rules as those that do have FRA standards.  Safety is our number one priority.  

















These 1550 cubic feet (44 cubic meters) units are afixed inside standard 40 foot containers.  They are designed specifically for bulk plastics and other dry bulk goods.  They were designed to eliminate the need for a railcar.  Many times we storage import or other material awaiting storage or shipping in a rail car or truck.  They are substantially cheaper than a steamship 40' container and chassis on demurrage

Some benefits include: Low cost intermediate product storage, no liner, disposal or installation fees, no risk of liner failure, and ease of trans-loading into bulk trailers.




Container Chassis

Our container chassis allows us to bypass chassis yards and go directly to and from the port or rail ramp. Our chassis reduce unnecessary fuel use and increase productivity of trucks.


Types of chassis:

Tri-axle sliders

             Can carry loaded 20', 40', or two unloaded 20' containers

Tri-axle non-sliders

             Can carry heavy loads of hand stacked and high-gross loads

Light weight chassis

             To meet the challenge of unique load configurations

Spread axle

             Increases load density while meeting gross trailer weight rating

Standard 20' and 40'

             Allow for the handling of high volumes of trucking







Container Lift Truck

These trucks safely tilt containers to facilitate unloading into a packaging operation, bulk truck or railcar. They are used for eliminators and bulk lined containers. Frontier is equipped with Bartlett trucks.



Heavy Container Lift

An instrument used to take containers off chassis and stack them for long-term storage. The heavy container lift allows for flexible chassis use and reduces long-term storage cost.


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